LHI Tip of the Week – Gobble & Wobble

The day known for giving thanks, feasting with friends and family and cheering for your favorite football team will finally be upon us tomorrow. Many of us have completed our grocery shopping and have begun preparing the side dishes and desserts for Thanksgiving dinner. Last week, Live Healthy Iowa’s tip of the week discussed simple ways to make substitutions without sacrificing flavor, how to dish up the correct serving size and simple ways to enjoy your meal without tipping the scale. Missed it? Check it out here.

This week we will continue to be mindful of health during the holidays and give you ideas to enrich your holiday celebration by getting active. There are many ways to get active before and after your Thanksgiving meal, especially with the gorgeous fall weather in Iowa that we are so thankful for!

“Turkey Trots” are very popular and there many going on across the state on Thanksgiving day. Find one near you and encourage your family, friends, neighbors and holiday guests to trot with you. You can even plan your own turkey trot by going for a jog or walk around your neighborhood or on a trail in your town.

Thanksgiving is notorious for football games on T.V. all day long.Take the excitement to the backyard and play your own game of flag or touch football! Pit parents vs. kids, family vs. family or mix it up. If you just can’t miss too much of your team on T.V., get outdoors during halftime. While you’re watching the game, do jumping jacks or push ups for each point every time a team scores and during commercials do as many jumping jacks or push ups as the total score!

If you’re traveling for the holiday, check out what the area you’re visiting has to offer. Go bowling, play laser tag, find out if there are any Thanksgiving parades or events going on. If you’re staying home, take advantage of the time off and enjoy some activities your own town has to offer.

Whether you get in some physical activity before or after your Thanksgiving meal, it will leave you feeling positive and energized! Tell us how you plan to get active during your celebration!

If you missed last weeks Healthy for the Holidays Tip of the Week, check it out here.


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The Iowa Sports Foundation mission is to provide sports, recreation, health and wellness opportunities for Iowans of all abilities.
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