LHI Tip of the Week – Make Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution a Reality

Image2013 is quickly approaching and the new year is often thought to offer a fresh beginning. The big question is – what will your new year’s resolution be? Many of us repeatedly have good intentions to spend more time with family and friends, gain control of finances or lose weight in the new year. Before we know it, the year usually passes us by and our resolutions are a faint memory.

Don’t play that broken record again this year. As December winds down, make some quiet time for yourself to reflect on 2012, where and who you want to be a year from now and map your route for success. Follow these guidelines to make 2013 your best year yet!

Reflect on 2012 and think about your successes as well as what you wanted to accomplish but may have not reached. Don’t put yourself down, rather identify and write down the feelings you have about your successes and failures. Use these feelings as motivation to create and accomplish your goals for 2013.

Create goals that have deep meaning for you; aspects of your life and yourself that you really want to change or improve. Break down your goals into smaller steps that may be reached monthly or every three months. By working toward smaller goals that build up to the big resolution, you are more likely to think of your goal as attainable rather than impossible. Write down your resolutions where you can refer to them daily – such as on a post-it note on your bathroom mirror, in your planner, on your refrigerator and on your desk at work.

Visualize accomplishing your goals. Craft a “vision board” made up of words, phrases and/or photos that motivate and inspire you to continue working towards your resolutions. Journal your successes, failures and AHA moments daily or weekly. Go back and read your journal to see how far you’ve come throughout the year.

Identify “time wasters” in your day that may be better spent working toward your goals. Do you spend too much time on social networking sites, watching television or hit snooze in the mornings? Set aside specific times each day or once or twice each week for these things and stick to those times. You will find yourself more productive and closer to your goals before you know it.

Share your resolutions with friends and family and ask for their support. They may have a similar goal and would like your support as well.

Think and act like who you want to be in 2013. Strong, positive intentions, a determined attitude and a well thought out plan will lead you to success and accomplishment of your new years resolution.


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