LHI Tip of the Week – Eat these foods to reduce your stress!

The stress of the busy holiday season has ceased and many of us are getting back into our usual routine of work, school or life in general. Returning to a full inbox of emails and a long “to do” list can cause our stress level to spike and leave us tense and overwhelmed as well. Take a deep breath because we have the perfect Tip of the Week to help you stay calm, cool and collected while you’re diving back into your routine in the new year.

When we’re stressed and tired we often reach for a cup of coffee, caffeinated soda, chocolate, ice cream and anything that will seem to give us instant satisfaction. However, eating foods like this will cause your body to spike in levels of cortisol and insulin, leaving you lethargic and still stressed.

In order to prevent and fight stress throughout the day, eat foods like the following that won’t cause dramatic highs and lows in your body while keeping you relaxed and full of energy.

Asparagus – with a high level of folic acid, this veggie can help stabilize your mood.
Beef – contains high levels of zinc, iron and B vitamins which also help stabilize your mood.
Milk – high in antioxidants, vitamins B2 and B12, protein and calcium to fight stress. Pour milk over a breakfast cereal low in sugar and fortified with B vitamins and folic acid for a calm start to your day.
Cottage Cheese – while loaded with protein and calcium, but not sugar, cottage cheese Cottage-Cheese-with-Fruitwon’t cause a spike in blood sugar which can induce stress on the body.
Fruit – those high in Vitamin C will fight free radicals that are released when you’re stressed, which are known to cause cancer. Try mixing blueberries with cottage cheese for a stress fighting snack or dessert!
Almonds – Vitamins B2 and E, magnesium, zinc and good fats in almonds will help fight against free radicals that cause heart disease.
Tuna – contains vitamins B6 and B12 while high in protein and low in fat to fight stress.

Eat these feeds alone or include them in healthy recipes for yourself and your family!

Don’t forget to team up with friends, family and/or co-workers and register for Live Healthy Iowa’s 10 Week Wellness Challenge now! For more information and to register, visit www.livehealthyiowa.org.


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