LHI Tip of the Week – Why hydration is important for our bodies

The weather is hot and Friday marks the first official day of summer! We want you to enjoy the sunshine and get active outdoors – biking, jogging, swimming – whatever you enjoy to exercise your body and feel healthy and energized.

It is very important to keep our bodies hydrated while we’re out in the summer heat! Water makes up over half of our body weight and each of our body systems depends on it. Water helps to regulate our body temperature, flushes out toxins and helps dissolve nutrients and minerals so our body can absorb them. A lack of hydration, or dehydration, can limit your body’s ability to carry out normal functions, drain your energy and leave you feeling tired and lethargic. You won’t have enough energy to walk your dog, play in the sprinkler with your kids or hit the trails on your bike.

Determining how much water you should drink can be difficult. Each person’s adequate Water bottle picintake depends on their body mass, activity level, environment and other factors unique to each individual. The Institute of Medicine has determined general recommendations for men and women that can be used as a good rule of thumb. For women, the adequate daily intake is roughly 2.2 liters, or 9 cups, of water per day. For men, the adequate daily intake is roughly 3 liters, or 13 cups, of total beverages per day. The Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness has an excellent hydration calculator that will determine the hydration needs for your own body and level of physical activity. Check it out and make that your goal throughout the Burst Your Thirst Challenge!

Haven’t joined the Burst Your Thirst Challenge? You still can! Form your team of 2-10 Iowans and sign up now at www.livehealthyiowa.org. Participants are eligible to win prizes including Subway gift cards, tickets to the Iowa State Fair, a voucher for an Iowa resort getaway and more by recording how many ounces of water they drink and their activity minutes each week.


About Iowa Sports Foundation

The Iowa Sports Foundation mission is to provide sports, recreation, health and wellness opportunities for Iowans of all abilities.
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