LHI Tip of the Week – Summer Exercise

It’s summer and that means there are zero excuses not to get outside for some fitness fun in the sun! Skip the gym but don’t skip your sweat session – there are endless possibilities to burn calories while enjoying the sunshiny days.

Round up the kids, grab your spouse or call up your friends! Be creative (and competitive if that’s your style) and make the great outdoors work for you. Headed to the pool? Race from one end of the pool to the other. Form teams and make it a relay! Grab a ball and play pool volleyball, water polo or pool basketball. Take advantage of the soft green grass and hook up the sprinkler in your backyard. You can use it to make an obstacle course and include hula hoops, jump ropes and balls. Parks have lots of options to create your own boot camp or circuit workout. Use park benches, tree stumps and the playground as your “equipment” for push ups, tricep dips, lunges, squats, jumps, pull ups and much more! If you have a lake near by, contact your local sporting goods store to find out if they offer kayak or canoe rentals, or they might know of an organization that does (The Iowa DNR is handy for this information as well). Come up with a list for a scavenger hunt at the park or around your neighborhood to spot items such as an animal paw print, a bird’s nest, an oak tree or a bunny. Go for a walk when the kids are at their summer sport practice – or better yet, offer to help out coaching and you will definitely get your heart rate pumping.

Don’t let summer slip away this year! Take advantage of the late daylight hours, the warm temps and your healthy body. Don’t forget to Burst Your Thirst all summer long, especially when you are burning energy under the hot sun.


About Iowa Sports Foundation

The Iowa Sports Foundation mission is to provide sports, recreation, health and wellness opportunities for Iowans of all abilities.
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