LHI Tip of the Week – Wake Up With Water

Have you ever heard that you should weigh yourself first thing when you wake up in the morning because that’s when you are the “lightest”? Do you also feel like a zombie when you wake up, unable to open your eyes and barely able to think before your have your first cup of coffee? The reason for both of these is that your body is dehydrated!

when you wake up, drink some waterIn previous posts I have mentioned that your body is made up mostly of water and that when you are dehydrated, you are lacking fluids to perform necessary body functions. This lack of fluids after an 8 hour (more or less) night of sleep may appear to be a weight loss on the scale, however it is only a lack of fluids and will not be sustained as you hydrate your body. Also, hydrating first thing in the morning will jump start all of your body processes, rather than slowly getting started over the first few hours you are awake. When you are hydrated and your body systems are running smoothly, you will feel energized and focused – without caffeine! Try drinking a glass of water right when you wake up in the morning and gradually decrease your caffeine intake over a few days (or over a few weeks if you’re the “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my POT of coffee” type of person!).

Need more great reasons to wake up with water?

  • Your daily coffee shop stop can cost over $3 per visit, while water is free!
  • Coffee and other caffeinated beverages can leave you feeling jittery and anxious
  • Water is calorie free
  • Water is sugar free
  • Water is readily available

Substitute water for your morning cup of joe over the next week or two and let us know how you feel! It’s ok to make the swap gradually, you don’t have to change your habits cold turkey. You might be surprised about how energetic and focused you will feel, not to mention those extra ounces of h20 to record for the Burst Your Thirst Challenge!


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