Healthy Families Challenge – Let’s Jumpstart Your Day!

We all know what it’s like to be running a little (or a lot) late in the morning. It’ just so tempting to hit the snooze button once or twice, then as you rush to get yourself ready, make sure the kids are up, ready and packed for school, the whole family is running out the door before you know it; on empty. Oh, say it isn’t so!

healthy_breakfast_mealsBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. Read that sentence again. Got it? Fueling first thing in the morning jumpstarts all those systems and processes in your body that will keep you alert and energized all day long. By eating breakfast, your metabolism will be in high gear and you will likely snack less throughout the day. Those who eat breakfast regularly even tend to weigh less than those who skip it! Why wouldn’t you want to eat breakfast??

Breakfast does not have to be a large meal, but it should be nutritious. There are plenty of quick and easy breakfast options that will serve its’ purpose and if you’re worried about time, you can even prepare breakfast before you go to bed at night or grab something to eat on the go. Breakfast usually includes dairy, grains and fruit, but protein and vegetables can also be included in a quick and easy breakfast meal.

Check your Healthy Families Challenge packet for two delicious breakfast recipes to try this week. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Whole grain cereal with fruit and low-fat milk
  • Peanut butter on whole grain toast
  • Make a parfait by layering yogurt, granola and fruit in a glass
  • Combine oats and milk in lidded container before you go to bed, put in the refrigerator and you will have delicious overnight oats in the morning. Add fruit, cinnamon, nuts, etc for a yummy breakfast
  • Whole wheat english muffin topped with egg, veggies, low-fat cheese
  • Whole grain cereal bar

The possibilities are endless! It doesn’t have to be fancy or lavish, just show your body some love by giving it a healthy breakfast as fuel for the day. How do you make time for breakfast in the morning? What is your family’s favorite go-to breakfast foods? Share with us! If you’re participating in the Healthy Families Challenge, don’t forget to join our Facebook group to share your thoughts, tips and ideas!

If you’re not registered for the Healthy Families Challenge, you still can! Register now at


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