Healthy Families Challenge – Get The WHOLE Family Involved!

A family works together in many situations to make sure their lifestyle is functioning smoothly… or at least close to it… and each family member has a role and responsibility. Whether it be cleaning the house, putting your things away or getting ready for school in the morning, it is likely your family is in a routine that allows it all to happen. Involving the family in grocery shopping, meal preparation and cooking can evolve into a routine with each family member having a responsibility, just like your family’s many other daily routines.

Plan meals and make your grocery shopping list together using your “Let’s Move! Grocery List Template”. When you visit the grocery store, allows your kids to pick out the fruits and vegetables, ask for the meat at the meat counter and put the items on the belt to check out. The more they are involved, the more they will enjoy it! At home, allow your kids to wash fruits and vegetables, measure ingredients, mix them together and set the dinner table. Depending on their age, allow them to help with as much as you feel they are capable of doing safely. Be sure to discuss sanitary food handling and practices and safety in the kitchen as well.

family playing ball2

Another very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is physical activity! This week get outside and play a game with the ball from your Healthy Families Challenge packet. Read how to play Yard Art Bowling below!

Yard Art Bowling
Additional props: long rope or boundary marker

Divide your participants into two groups, the flamingos and the hunters. The hunters stand behind a boundary line, 15 feet from flamingos. Or flamingos could stand inside giant rope circle made by the long rope. Hunters get points by bowling the Kickball at the flamingos who stand on one foot (and therefore one leg) only and hop around trying to avoid the ball. Each hunter bowls five times. If a flamingo is hit or touches two feet on the ground or leans on anything, that is a point for the hunters. Once all the hunters have bowled five times, the teams switch.

Share photos of your family cooking, eating and being active together in the Healthy Families Challenge Facebook group!


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