LHI Tip of the Week – Keep Your Motivation High

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.”Image

We all have those days when we’re not feeling as motivated but there are ways to push past that and keep working towards your goal. There are many things that you can do by recalling your goals, scheduling workouts ahead of time, trying new workouts and utilizing your support system.

Change your perspective & remember your goals

You’re in control but you need to be aware of what your brain is telling your body. You can do so much more than you think but you need to be optimistic and positive while making a change like this. If you’re starting to fall short of your goals you set then remind yourself why you set them and why you value those goals. Remember each day you are one step closer to achieving your goal and it will be reality before you know it.  You started this challenge for a reason, whatever that may be you deserve to reach your goal!

Schedule and attend regular workouts

With winter still in full force it can be tricky to want to go to the gym and work out or go to the grocery store and eat healthy. By planning ahead each week you can have everything you need on hand to prepare healthy meals and schedule time to workout before your week has gotten too busy. Treat your workouts like an important meeting – you wouldn’t miss a work meeting so don’t skip your workout either!

Think fun and variety!

By nature we need change and variety to stay motivated and engaged. We also need to have fun — even while we’re working hard. Do both! Choose the activities that are your favorite and do those, but also try something new. It’s about challenging yourself! Whether it’s a toning and sculpting class that changes choreography every week or a trail that changes scenery every week, design your exercise routine around a variety of exercise methods. Make sure you include activities you enjoy. Workout variety also challenges your body in unique ways, which may introduce you to new muscle groups you didn’t even know you had. Consider disciplines that give you more bang for your buck, shake up your workout routine!

Use your support system!Image

If you’re ever having a bad day or just can’t seem to get yourself up and out of the house for the workout then rely on your strong support system. We’re almost to the halfway point and with the reliability of the team and your goals, there’s always going to be someone there for you. So stay motivated and keep working towards your ultimate goal!


About Iowa Sports Foundation

The Iowa Sports Foundation mission is to provide sports, recreation, health and wellness opportunities for Iowans of all abilities.
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