Strut Your Pup

April 21 – May 30, 2014

Registration opens March 10!

Cost: $8 with free shipping!

Grab the leash and get moving! Live Healthy Iowa has gone to the dogs! Well, not completely, but we have created a new challenge to get you out and active with your pet during Iowa’s cool, Spring weather.

Dog walking is great for your health.  Studies have shown that people who regularly walk dogs may benefit from lower blood pressure, have a trimmer waistline and suffer from fewer chronic diseases.  Dogs are a great accountability partner; keeping you active and on schedule.

How does it work?
Team-up with a canine companion, get moving and track your activity minutes through the Live Healthy Iowa website.  Compete with others in your community or across the state as you improve your health and that of a furry friend.

Who is on a team?
The team for Sturt Your Pup consists of you and your pet! For this challenge, you do not need to create a team of 2-10 individuals.

Participants receive:

  • Weekly email tips with ideas to stay active and healthy
  • Access to a personal tracking page on the LHI website
  • Unlimited access to online recipes, workouts and health information
  • Opportunity to win incentives and prizes
  • $5 off SCAVMA Scamper 5K/10K registration for you and your dog (Click here for more information on the race)



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