The Next Step

Sept. 8 – Oct. 17, 2014

Registration opens Aug. 4!

Cost: $8 per participant

Teams of 2-10 Iowans will compete in a web-based competition tracking the number of “steps” achieved each week. Each week team members will report their step count in effort to move their team up the challenge leaderboard.

Each participant receives:
•    Live Healthy Iowa pedometer
•    Weekly email containing a motivational message, activity tip and a healthy recipe
•    Access to a personal tracking page on the LHI site, including daily journal
•    Unlimited access to recipes, workouts and health information on the LHI website
•    Opportunity to win team incentives and individual pries

To get started:
1.    Choose to take The Next Step on your wellness journey.
2.    Build your team of 2-10 people, choose a team name and designate a captain.
3.    Sign up! Go to and click on ‘Join Today’ to register your team.


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